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What is home health care?

   Home health care consists of a diversity of medical and personal services that
   can be administered in your own home, giving you the opportunity to conserve
   your independence and receive care in an familiar environment.

  Which types of insurance do you accept?
Medicare and Private insurance.

Who qualifies for home health services?

   The answer depends on the patient and the situation, but anyone who has a new
   medical diagnosis or medication or a recent hospitalization may qualify.  A home
   health evaluation will be conducted by an registered nurse to determine if you
   are eligible.

How soon can I receive care?
   You will receive your first visit as soon as you have been approved for our services.

What is your service area?
   Cook County, IL.

ow do I receive home health care?
   All home health care is provided under the direct supervision of the patient's
   doctor.  To receive home health care, your physician needs to prescribe the care.
   If you need more information, please contact our office for assistance at


Why should I choose Hosanna's Home Health Agency, Inc?
   You should choose us because we deliver quality health care service tailored to
   individual needs and conditions with respect to the uniqueness of each patient and
   their family. We take pride in the service that we deliver because we do it well. 


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